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Just some guy trying his best to produce something original.
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Samuel @camoshark

26, Male

Musician, Composer

QC, Canada

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Comments (5)

Congrats on your milestone! Truth be told, I had observed it some time back, but I was wondering what you were going to do on reaching 100 supporters.

And I feel your pain about Sibelius 1.4. I had Mario Paint Composer as my outlet. But if it works, it works. XD

Keep making many more worlds! x

Thanks Anne, straight to the heart this goes! <3

Truth be told, I actually very much enjoyed the barren interface of 1.4, I find the more modern iterations of Sibelius clunky and power-hogging. I only had to change because I had to actually print my arrangements for drum corps and other gigs, and 1.4 can only print parts in bitmap one page at a time... ;___________;

Anyways, thanks again, get on Skype sometime so we can catch-up!

Congrats. I understand your feelings - i am also just a little step before reaching my first 100 and find this so exciting. Its such a nice feeling to know that you are able to make people glad with your compositions.

You are an awesome artist and i really admire your composition- and jazz skills. Also your trumpet / Horn playing is just super-1337. Thanks for sharing your great stuff with us! One of the NG highlights of this year has been your piece &quot;supercollide&quot;. Also your trumpet part in &quot;A world of blue&quot; by deadlyfishes was outstanding.

Keep up the great work! I hope you will get lots of new fans and supporters in 2014!

Many thanks man, you know I very much reciprocate those feelings!

One thing you should note though is that most of the time, the trumpet I record isn't me, but one of my childhood friend with whom I've learned to play the instrument with.

I've seldom only ever recorded myself on three tracks: Fractal Memories; Lo, How a Rose; and Pale Blue Dot. Those three recordings were also done while being terribly out of shape, too, so there isn't much to hear... <.<

Nonetheless, you're right about Supercollide being my crowning achievements this year, not that there was much competition anyways considering I hardly released anything... I think the amount of collaborations make up for it though, so at least there's that.

I've got many projects planned for next year, so I should hopefully be more prolific this time around, especially with the "Project Which Shall Not be Named" that you know of. ;)

Anyways, I'm mostly rambling at this point, you know most of this stuff anyways since we talk a lot on Skype, so see you there!

On that note -- I posted a quick question on music-only collabs on the Audio Forums, wondering if I could post a collab idea of sorts. If I went for something trad/folk -- Brit or Irish folk, for instance -- as the basis for the collab, and then have some sort of rock undertone to it, would you dig? Would you participate?

I'm just thinking of getting as many people involve as possible, but for that, each role and each detail has to be taken care of.... you know how that feels. x

Hey kid, your jazz is what brought me here. I just drunkenly googeled Camo Shark because I fell in love with Super Collide a number of months back. Art is hard. Don't ever lose that passion. I went to a metal pour (art sculpture) in Hayes Kansas a few years back and one of the older artists was doing a lecture. He stressed the importance of having a shit ton of work. Regardless of anything, persistence is what wins out. A favorite quote of mine:

&quot;Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.&quot;

-Calvin Coolidge

Keep making that saucy sauce. You sir are a fucking beautiful mind.

Dude, I read the WHOLE story, and I liked it very much. I just can't agree with you saying being unproductive and all. I started following you in 2013, and I don't know how much you produced before that, but you wrote some excellent work this year!
Also I wanted to say that this plugin you guys wrote (as you mentioned in your earlier posts) is pretty awesome! I tested Dan Tranh today, and it sounded excellent. Gonna test the other Virtual Instruments too, and will buy some for sure. (so should other people do!).