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Awesome concept!

I especially like the ending and the trumpet solo at the end. What is the name of that song?


You didn't do anything in there...


Super but the lines aren't straight, if you know what I mean...

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Interesting concept, but as a music theorist, I have my doubts on the legitimacy of certain progressions...

I can't say the generator is as itself very useful for non-musicians, and is even less useful for musicians, since the chords are for the most part utterly illogical and impractical.

Also, as previously mentioned, the option to change or modify chords would be interesting, especially with the fact that said chords are already sampled.

In any case, interesting concept, but poorly executed.

Samuel Hébert


Excellent game! Resumes pretty much life as it is.

Scored 205,300 or someting (current best of all times! ;P)

BlueFlameSkulls responds:

And so the apprentice beats the master.


Tis is great, but too easy

Axlenz-FlashElite responds:


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How are you so good and yet so terrible, all at the same time?

Truly, we will never know.

Deez b sum pro beetz.


samulis responds:

I wanted to add some dubstep but the trolls said no. :(

You did NOT just use the main theme from John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" as one of the main themes of a Power Metal song! XD

Overall pretty damn solid track, even though this is far from my cup of tea in terms of style! I find the harmony too disconnected for my taste (which is a rare feat!), often modulating to a distant minor chord mid-word and changing to another one the word immediately after it.

You can very much inspire yourself from the track that you emulated the theme from to get a good idea of highly contrasting modulations that still works, or the Jazz Metal remake (http://youtu.be/pr0KHcioPeo) by the band Panzerballett for some sweet metal sounds (look them up, seriously, they're completely bonkers!)

Other than that, I really can't add anything that hasn't already been said Obviously the chip sound, while very creative, was poorly executed and resulted in a cluttering of the mix. I think the words of the song sometimes don't really sync well with the pacing of the song, so perhaps look into that.

Technically this song was masterful. The arpeggios were very well-articulated and equally-divided, which is SO good to hear as opposed to the usual slob that metal performers, even in big bands, usually play. The harmonies, other than the disjoint modulations, are stellar, and are remarkably creative. The subject of the song is pretty original, and the images depicted through it are enjoyably twisted. The Giant Steps quote immediately gets a big thumbs up and seal of approval out of me. :3

Again, pretty damn solid track, and except for some nitpicks, this was a highly enjoyable song to listen to. Would definitely recommend to others.

Keep up the good work!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks for the review dude! Chords are hard and gay I will try and get them super c: glad you liked and noticed the giant steps nudge LOL

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mfw no gf.

drawing's good though, she looks like a 10/10.

Very good sketch, especially for one done in one hour!

If I had anything to say, and that's something I find in a lot of your work, it's that your legs seem MUCH larger than any other part of your bodies, often taking up over 50% of the body's size. they's proportionate width-wise to the rest of the legs, though, so if you adjust the height, I think it should work fine.

Sinon, bravo, un autre excellent dessin, on sent bien ta foi à travers ceci! ^^

Troisnyx responds:

NOTE TO ALL OTHER REVIEWERS: This was a glitch because Camoshark used accents in his review. He's since told me what he's thought. : )

Just some guy trying his best to produce something original.
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