RAC submission, NGADM Round 3 and Finished Studio Setup

2012-09-08 20:53:16 by camoshark

Alright, been a while since I posted a status update, so I thought this would be as good a time as any!

In any case, I've entered the RAC (Represent A Country) for a third consecutive time. For those who weren't aware, I got second place by a single point last year, so I'm not having any of that this year. You can listen to my submission HERE, a second one will join soon.

I also forgot to mention it, but I succeeded in making it into the third round of the NGADM (Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch) and am now in the quarter-finales! You can listen to my winning entry HERE.

Lastly, I recently finished to build my studio setup, or at least one that's fully up and operational. I also got robbed of an important part of my setup, the hard drive that contained all my samples from the East-West Complete Composer's Collection. It's fortunately recoverable for a fraction of the price, but it's still a huge drawback, and the main reason why the last piece I submitted to the NGADM sounds surprisingly low-fi. I should get it back once I get the money, which should be around the end of the month hopefully.

In any case, here's a pic of my finally functional studio setup.

Samuel Hebert

RAC submission, NGADM Round 3 and Finished Studio Setup


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