Semi-Centurial Milestone, Free Reviews and What's to Come

2012-10-29 13:04:46 by camoshark

Been a while since I actually updated, mostly due to my involvement in the NGADM (where I finished fourth in a competition against over 200 other artists), having a very time-consuming job and generally feeling lazy. Whichever the case, I've finally found the combination of time and will to do so.

So let's start this by celebrating a milestone I frankly didn't think I'd attain before quite a while longer, that is, of reaching 50 fans! I'd like to thank everyone of you for showing interest in my work, and I promise to keep bettering myself in every new song I put out.

As a thank for previous fans and perhaps gain a few extras, I'm offering to give out critique to anyone who follows me, as long as they ask for it in the comment section or by PM. I must warn that I am reputed to be very harsh when it comes to critique, but will always be fair. I'd like to thank my friend Bosa for the idea.

As for my upcoming projects here on NG, I've done some collaborations with Kor-Rune (seriously, go check out his amazing work, it's a wonder he isn't already big) already, but what is yet to come will be on a completely different scale, going for even bigger and more ambitious, so definitely keep an eye out for those in the near future.

I'll also officially be recording my song Etude this friday in a professional recording studio with my studio musicians, and will afterwards me mixed and mastered by none other than NG based Tomppaah. In the future, we expect to make a permanent band formation with the studio lineup, and so expect a lot good things to come out of this, as we will be playing my own compositions!

As a parting word, I'd like to thank everyone for the incredible amount of support I've received in the past few months, all the new friends and colleagues I've made on this site and all the wonderful opportunities I've been given by this community to grow as an artist. I owe so much to you guys and couldn't possibly thank you all enough!

Samuel H├ębert


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2012-10-30 15:26:46

Looking forward to it: ;)

Btw, you can check out my first completed assignment here:

camoshark responds:

Checked it out, sounds great!


2012-10-30 20:38:44

Youve done some amazing work in the NGADM and also had an awsome piece for the RAC.
I dont know if you prefer to review with vocals or an orchestral song so review the one you feel like :D
Vocal song.....................
Orchestral Dark song.

camoshark responds:

Sorry for the delay, done!


2012-12-12 23:53:38

Hey Camo, I'll take up that offer. ;)

camoshark responds:

With pleasure, my dear friend, I'll get to it this instant!


2012-12-13 09:28:30

The delay is not important buddy!
First of all i followed some of your work and you deserved to have another fan, also the review you gave me was extremely good and finally i shamelessly copied your idea of a fan for a review and it works great xD
Thanks ;D

camoshark responds:

Haha, well many thanks for the support, I'm glad you're satisfied with the review I gave you, and yes, the review/fan trade is definitely a good way to get fans!