Dreams of Splendor Submission and Quick Update

2013-02-04 13:13:29 by camoshark

Alright, finished working on my Dreams of Splendor submission, and I suggest to everyone reading this to give it a quick listen!

I've had to cut my plans a bit short for this competition considering I started working on it only three days from the deadline, but I'm still happy with how it came out. I'll still be working on it, possibly entering the Orchestral MAC organised by BrokenDeck.

In other news, I was accepted this past month to a composition program in what I consider the best college (not to be confused with University) in the country, and I'll be starting on the 18th of February. In this program, I will be taught new recording techniques, will learn how to properly mix, new compositional tactics and will have the honor to record my compositions with more amazing artists than I could ever have hope for, so expect a lot of amazing stuff to start to come out soon!

I am still accepting review requests for my fans, although if you'd still like a review, you can send a PM my way or reply to this newspage and I'll see what I can do!

I leave you all with a screencap from my DoS submission, entitled Pictures of Things to Come.

Dreams of Splendor Submission and Quick Update


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2013-02-04 14:11:28

Whoahoh.. I don't know quite what that says, but that is awesome news! Congrats

camoshark responds:

Thanks, Kim!


2013-02-04 22:46:01

Congrats, you passed the auditions! Where is that??

(Updated ) camoshark responds:

Le Cegep de Saint-Laurent, je suis le programme de technique. Frequentes-tu egalement un cegep?


2013-02-13 22:22:36

Cegep de Saint-Hyacinthe, en informatique de gestion :P

(Updated ) camoshark responds:

Ah, sweet, ca fait pas mal moins loin, c'est pour sur!


2013-02-21 21:11:02

Congrats for your educational succes

camoshark responds:

Thank you!


2013-04-06 03:20:37

Look like you are moving on the big world.

camoshark responds:

Haha, thanks Bernd!


2013-04-24 18:45:49

that is threatening to me

camoshark responds:

Be afraid, be very afraid.