Movie shooting, studio recordings, music gigs and school stuff

2013-05-24 14:40:13 by camoshark

Hey there, now has it not been a long time since I updated this!

I've been held up doing so many projects in the past month that it's been hard to find the time to update this, but now that things are clearing up, I thought it'd be a good time to let you guys in on what I've been up to recently.

To start off, I've just finished with a movie project I've been working on which involved the recording of the soundtrack as well as a shooting for the videoclip for the soundtrack, which I've included to this post (link in case it's broken). The director for the movie as well as the musical director were both real cool guys and they said they really enjoyed working with me and will be using my services again in the future, which is pretty awesome!

I've also been hard at work on a very big project as a musical director for a drum corps, in which I teach, compose/arrange and supervise development for. It's a very formative job, as well as endearing, since I have the opportunity to see my music come to life. You can check out a video of a practice done three weeks ago of one of my arrangements. (I'm the one playing 1st trumpet)

Other than that, I've been doing lots of small gigs on the side, writing, directing and performing for a theater production, national sporting events and small movies. I'm currently not working, so this is the only thing keeping me afloat.

I'm also hard at work with my semester, which ended up being much different than what was originally expected. Seems lie I won't be doing any actual composition before either next semester or the one after that. In stead, I've been rehearsing with a Jazz Trio, where we'll be interpreting three songs that I very much enjoy, so expect videos/audio of this soon!

Lastly, I've just received my latest instrument to add to my collection, and so I decided to make a quick photoshoot of part of my instrument collection. I've included it here, but if you want detailed information as to what is contained in the image, I'd recommend to read this post I made.

In any case, I think I'm just about done. I wish you all luck in your finals (if they're not already done), and I should be getting active again once my semester is over two weeks from now. Until then, I bid you farewell!


Movie shooting, studio recordings, music gigs and school stuff


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2013-05-24 15:17:58

Wow! You're really going places with your music and I'm proud, to say the least. Best wishes through all of this! :'D

camoshark responds:

I thank you for your continuing support, Kim. and I wish you success in your creative endeavors!


2013-05-24 16:46:31

Bien joue, fiston. <3 Bien joue.

camoshark responds:

Merci! ^_______^


2013-05-24 23:08:16

Gorgeous collection! Though is it sad that I can name a few of those less common items? XD

Arrangements are coming along nicely since I last saw! I will have to share with you the recording of the small ensemble doing movement 1 of City Eternal at some point...

camoshark responds:

Many thanks, and to answer your question, it simply means you're a very cultured individual! :3

I would in fact be very interested in hearing it, so send that link over whenever you have the chance!


2013-05-25 03:29:49

I wish I have that many instruments. Ever create a piece using all of those instruments?

(Updated ) camoshark responds:

Haha, funny you should ask, I'm actually creating something very special right now with my roommate (Jiimaan) that uses a lot of those. Should be out pretty soon on here!


2013-06-01 08:03:05

well you don't have a nose flute

camoshark responds:

And you, sir, don't even have a nose! :I