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New/Upcoming Collaborations, Artist Spotlight, and a Whole Lot of News!

Posted by camoshark - November 18th, 2013

Hey pals,

I've been hard at work for the past few weeks working with artists on different collaborations coming over the next few weeks, but a persisting collaborator throughout some of these projects hasn't been given the amount of recognition he deserves, so here's my first artist spotlight!

The artist in question is Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, aka hnieuw, who has been consistently creating and recording some amazing tracks which combine interesting classical harmony with a very modern indie rock style, all with a very smooth voice and an incredibly well-polished production. I've worked with him on a couple tracks, and let me tell you that this guy is a very professional and passionate guy, as well as very comprehensive fellow.

Now as of right now, he's only got 39 fans and our most recent collaboration, How High the Moon, has only garnered 64 views and not a single review... Let's see if we can change that!
I highly encourage all of you to check out his stuff, as I find such a low level of attention for so much talent quite disconcerting ; let's try to get his fan count to at least 50!


In other news, I'm currently working hard on a LOT of different projects, some which I can speak of, and others that I'm prohibited to, but which I can guarantee will blow your socks off when I'm allowed to share to you guys!

For projects I'm allowed to talk about, I'm currently in the process of creating a song in collaboration with many NG artists, including last year's NGADM winner Kor-Rune, with which I've previously made a few succesful tracks in the past. It's in a style I'm very much not used to writing, Prog-rock infused with Pop and Electro, but I like how it sounds as of right now, and I believe this will become an excellent track once it comes to completion, as I've incorporated a lot of new theoretical elements I've learned such as isometrics and irrational metering!

I've truly learned a lot with this track, as much in terms of theory/production as multi-collaborator planning and organizing, and so I very much hope you guys will like it! Expect it around the start of December.


As for non-composition related news, you may recall a few months ago I started a virtual-instrument company with Samulis, and produced the Dan Tranh, a never-before (well-) sampled instrument of Vietnamese origin. The instrument did fairly well in sales, but now I'm working on a few new projects that will surely garner a lot of attention.

First in line is the World Grooves series, in which I will be providing fully-adjustable multi-instrument percussion grooves from around the world. Each of the regions will be separate from the other, but will have the option of being bundled with a rebate, giving the buyer maximum flexibility for his purchase.

The next in line is something I've worked hard on getting my hands on: an extensive collection of incredibly rare and valuable snares, some of which have less than 50 other iterations throughout the world and are worth OVER 10K$! I've had the luck to hear them in person, and they sounds absolutely phenomenal. And so you can understand my excitement when I say I'll have the honor to be the first to sample them!

Other unconfirmed plans include sampling the organ from the Saint-Joseph Oratorio as well as it's carrion, both considered to be some of the largest in the world.

Lastly, I'll also very soon be opening an official recording studio business with my roommate, with is expected to be completed by the end of this month, so expect more news for this within the next few weeks!


Anyways, that's it for now; as you can see, I'm getting involved in more things than I can even care to count, but I'm loving all these projects and will try my best to keep you guys updated as much as possible, although I'm really quite bad at doing that, so I'll probably just end up forgetting and doing another massive update like this once in a blue moon. Nonetheless, I'll try my best to at least remember the important parts when I do!


Comments (2)

Congrats camoshark! It sounds like everything is going well for you :) ... Good luck in everything! I want to have a recording studio business of my own one day, too.

Great update, as always. Looking forward to be working with you on the next project ;)