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NGADM 'n Stuff

Posted by camoshark - July 9th, 2014

Oh hey, looks like I haven't written anything here in quite some time... Whoops?

I'm not exactly sure how many people really still come and drop by here this time around, considering how inactive I've been, but suffice to say that whoever still is, you're more dedicated than I ever will be. <.<

So the first question that many of you have asked is if I'll be re-entering the NGADM this year, and I'm glad to say that YES, I will be, but I'll be trying out something a bit different this year and will be pairing up with one of my good friends, SkyeWintrest, and will most likely be experimenting with a lot of genres I haven't touched yet, but have been interested in for some time now. More on that soon.

With that out of the way, here's as much of an update on my life as I'm willing to share right now.

Life's been giving me a lot of ups and downs lately, and although I've been working hard with samulis with Versilian Studios, life's just gotten too hectic for me in the past few months to produce any new songs, nor give any time to my ongoing projects (other than what I was already engaged in). Top to that a pretty bad depression and anguish, and you've got a crippling mindset that's prevented me from doing all of this.

Now you'll be happy to know that I'm out of the worst of all of this, have managed to remove or recover from most of the bad stuff in my life, but there's still a long way to go before I get back to producing as often as I did in the past few years.

For the NGADM though, I'll be doing my best, and collaborating with Skye will hopefuly help with the creative process. It has always been my motto to give my all for these competitons, and I don't plan on making this year any different, whatever happens.

Other than that, I've been away for about a week to perform with the drum & bugle corps I teach/arrange for, and you'll be glad to know that we did very well! We unfortunately didn't manage to play at one of the local DCI competitions (as exhibition, not competiton) due to organisational issues on their side, but we were hosted by the Bluecoats, currently third in the World-Class leaderboards, and they personally congratulated us for our "great sound" and "excellent arrangements", so I can say I'm elated to have received such high praise from them.

I'll also be heading off next week for an entire week of recording with samulis in order to get our next season of VI's ready at Versilian Studios. I am very excited by this news, as this'll mark the first time I meetup with him in person, but also because this company is a passion project for the both of us, and having access to the equipment/instruments to which we'll have access to is simply amazing!

Don't forget to check out our website for updates regarding this.

And lastly, before I end this, because I haven't been very good at keeping contact with my audience, I wanted to ask you, the reader, to give me a bit insight as to how the last few months have been going for you.

It can be a simple mention that things are going good, but I like to know what people have been up to, especially you guys! :P

Anyways, that's it for me tonight, hope this long-ass post will excuse my lack of update/songs in the past few months (it probably won't), and I hope to rectify that in the coming weeks, especially with the NGADM coming quickly!

Thanks again for reading, and talk to you soon!