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Newpost for the sake of it (also updates maybe)

Posted by camoshark - December 29th, 2014

This is mostly here to get rid of the mile-long NGADM post I did a while back, but I thought I'd also let you guys know what's up.

Been doing lots of IRL stuff, a surprising bit of it actually having to do with music. I've been gigging left and right, doing small stuff here and there, and obviously being heavily involved in the drum corps I direct; but most of all, I've been involved with the Video Game Orchestra (VGO) and the Film Music Wind Orchestra (FMWO), and we did two enchanting sold-out nights playing a combination of Final Fantasy and Star Wars music.

Here's an excerpt of said shows:

(I'm the left-most trumpet player, if anyone's asking) 

In other news, I've also been pretty involved with the Super Smash Bros. fan arrangement album Harmony of Heroes, which has also had resounding success throughout the past months, being cited by such websites as Kotaku and Nintendo Insider as "as good as the game itself". I've contributed one track which I'm fairly proud of in retrospect, which can be heard right here!


They also very recently released its extension called Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, for which I've also contributed a track for.


Other than that, I'm currently in the midst of recording instruments for a few albums, one of which is for NG's own @newhansen ! I'm very glad to once again be collaborating with him, and I'm excited to be able to show you the content we're putting up. For those who don't already know, we've partnered a few times in the past to create some pretty interesting tracks, one of which recently won 2nd place for Halloween 2014 right here!


Anyways, it's getting pretty late here, and I really just wanted to give you guys a quick update, and also just to keep things from stagnating as they seem to with me. Sorry I'm not very good with these things! ^^'

Hope you guys had a happy Holiday Season, and I'll be seeing you guys in 2015!




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Really cool update! For sure; the first time i visit Montreal i'll be sitting first row to watch 'The Game music Orchestra'. It's so awesome. The best wishes for 2015. Hopefully we'll be collaborating on upcoming projects too! ;)

I really like the VGO link you put in there. Also, big fan of trumpet playing myself, and this makes me want to do some community band stuff to get it going again. Also in the link, what's with the hats I'm noticing that people are wearing? I first noticed the guy next to the bass string.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Hahaha, thanks Spadezer, glad you like the VGO, I'm really happy to see this orchestra growing every year! :)

The silly hats you're seeing are simply parts of cosplay items that certain people in the orchestra are wearing. It really isn't very easy to see through the bad video quality, but there was some pretty impressive stuff happening from up close in that regard!

Thanks for stopping by,